Girlgaze x Shinola Fall Partnership: Girls with Purpose


Girlgaze teamed up with Detroit based brand, Shinola, to highlight five extraordinary women who are using their work to advance their communities and society for their Fall ’17 line of watches, bags, and jewelry.

Heather Hazzan for Girlgaze MGMT shot all of the campaign photos (on film). The images are accompanied by a mini-documentary series directed by Stephanie Szerlip.


This fall I partnered with @shinola and @girlgazeproject on their #girlswithpurpose campaign that showcases womxn artists using their work for social change. I still think so much of what is marketed to us reaffirms the problematic notion that our value comes solely from our looks; instagram and visual media only continues to further compound this; I love fashion as a tool for self-expression and I love fitness as a tool for longevity but I don’t like feeling like we should have to spend a disproportionate amount of time on our looks rather than further developing our crafts; to that end it has been refreshing to see brands actively start to find creative ways of marketing alternative standards of beauty by showcasing the work, passions and skill sets of diversely talented womxn. I am interested in being part of that change so here I am. Love on this October Friday💛🙋🏽🙅🏽🤘🏽#thefutureisfemale #ownyourvoice #girlgazexshinola

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Based in L.A., Kiran is an electronic music artist and activist known as Madame Gandhi whose music celebrates and elevates the female voice.
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Babs Burchfield is a creative director most well-known for her work as founder of Conscious Commerce, a creative agency infusing conscious consumerism into every vertical, producing media and events in her role as a partner of Riot.House
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Sophie Kruz is the founder of the nonprofit, Driftseed, an organization using education, outreach and documentary storytelling to shift the conversation around women and girls.
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Anna Bulbrook is the founder of Girlschool, a women-led music festival, online platform and community that celebrates and connects women-identified artists, leaders and voices.
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LaRayia Gaston is an actress, producer and founder of Lunch On Me, a non-profit organization of individuals constructing greater change in the fight against starvation.