Audio Release for ‘Upstream’ Podcast – Spotify / Madame Gandhi

“The future of AI. The importance of truth in the Trump era. The podcast boom. The role of brands in social activism. It’s all up for exploration in Spotify for Brands’ new original podcast.

We’re thrilled to debut Upstream—the podcast that discovers where culture is headed, by talking with the creators and brands that shape it. Upstream goes deep with leading figures in marketing, media and music, sharing a candid glimpse into the cultural narratives and brands we interact with every day.

Hosted by Spotify’s CMO, Seth Farbman, Upstream is recorded at the biggest industry gatherings of the year, from Cannes Lions to SXSW, and at the Spotify Studios in New York.” – Spotify

Seven debut episodes are available now HERE. Among the stories you’ll hear in them:

  • Madame Gandhi, musician and activist, on the inseparability of music and activism, and how streaming data can empower artists.
  • Mark Thompson, CEO of the New York Times Company, on the importance of truth in the Trump era and the Times’ mobile evolution.
  • Jon Iwata, Chief Brand Officer of IBM, on humanizing artificial intelligence and the story behind IBM’s AI platform, Watson.
  • Franchesca Hashim, brand marketer at Airbnb, on the role of brands in social activism and her company’s push to create a Super Bowl ad in only five days.
  • Matt Lieber, co-founder of Gimlet Media, on the podcast boom and the next frontier in audio.
  • Carolyn Feinstein, CMO of Dropbox, on the future of the workplace and how Dropbox plans to bring joy back to collaboration.
  • Justin Stefano, co-founder and co-CEO of Refinery29, on how a digital media company focused on women stays true to its roots as it reaches global scale