DJing at A Lifetime Of Dick Pics Gallery DTLA

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With I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime Of Dick Pics, activist and artist Whitney Bell has turned the unwanted dick pic into a celebration of feminism by assembling a fleet of artists and thinkers to share their thoughts and works created in reference to the unsolicited dick pic.

Here’s what Madame Gandhi had to say:

Madame Gandhi: Musician, Artist, + Activist

Sex is an amazing thing when it is wanted, but when it’s unwanted, it can make you have a very gross visceral reaction to it. It makes me want to reject it very quickly. And so an unsolicited dick pic can be a turn off and become sexual harassment very quickly when the sender doesn’t feel the need to read the person’s vibe, and sends these photos any way. Naked photos can feel hot when it’s in the context of consensual flirting and it’s hot, and it can feel violent when it’s non consensual. It’s like forcibly going all the way without any foreplay. I want to live in a world where people of all genders can flirt freely and safely, expressing and receiving sexuality how they want to, but there is a responsibility on the part of each person to check in with their partner and make sure everything feels good.

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