Girls Rock Camp Boston

This year I had the privilege of rocking twice with the ladies and girls of Rock Camp Boston!! The Girls Rock Camps around the country have been such a powerful source of inspiration and light for me – to know that there is a place by women for women to nurture each other with positivity, enthusiasm and raw skills to pursue their dreams as musicians is one of my greatest sources of joy. I would have loved to have something like this when I was growing up, but I feel lucky because I went to Chapin which had all the benefits of Girls Rock Camp but applied to all facets of life!! I can’t think of anything more amazing than knowing that women are leading the next generation of women, and that we are teaching each other about our learnings, our history, our ways of doing things, instead of conforming to the way men have done things for lightyears before.

I spoke about my story and about how I started drumming and the power it represents to do whatever you want and also the therapy of having this skill set that is yours and that you protect and that you always have to just ensure it gets better and better.

The second time I went there in the summer was to perform with LARA. Lara was wild and went for it and I think the girls really admired her freeness. She spoke to them with respect and candor while they sweetly sat on the floor of the theater in Jamaica Plain and ate their lunch.

Being connected to the camp was also such an awesome way to meet fellow soulful lady musicians in Jamaica Plain and Central and Allston. Hilken Mancini, who runs the program, is also deeply inspirational in how she runs the program and also has a funky vintage store on South street in JP. After the session, I remember getting an iced latte at 7 Pond. I was in sheer heaven.

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