Ode to Aquarius

“Aquarius” by Kiran Gandhi

Written on the first day of Aquarius, Jan 20th, 2014. Performed on the third day of Aquarius, Jan 22nd, in Budapest, Hungary.

Aquarius. I smile big when I think of you I really do. You never experience life as a series of choices as the rest of us do, instead you rebound off each moment like an atom, devoid of choice, coolly, gratefully, blessed. Free, bold, experimental aquarius, you pull me in with your warmth and your whims. If I follow you, I know it’ll be good. I say, what’s going to happen? You say, I have no idea but it’s going to be amazing.

Aquarius, you have seen so much of the world just by giving love. And you are always amazed! You are always amazed, despite how much you have already seen. You are never jaded, you are excited and thrilled during each of your adventures, displaying an unrecognizable gratitude for life and its offerings. You go somewhere and you see the unnoticeable.

Aquarius may be kind and humble, but she knows her worth. She protects what is hers. She loves her people and she loves to get love. Each breath is creative output and productive energy. She will absolutely not do what she doesn’t love though. She doesn’t mind if you don’t understand.

The worst thing a human can do is to hold back an aquarius. To laugh at an aquarius. To make her feel silly for believing in whatever she sees in her world. To scorn an aquarius for being idealistic. To mistake her for being lost when instead, she’s already lapped us four times and she wasn’t even trying to.

Constructed boundaries, hierarchical triangles. Aquarius doesn’t even know what those are! And thank god for that. She’ll see an idea and leave the logistics for later. It’ll all work out.

Stories, connectedness, spirituality are the tenets that guide you, giving us around you hope and the ability to create. You liberate my process of constructing thoughts. I feel good, near your goodness. Wild, near your wildness. Aware, because of your awareness.

This is for

Strap me into your passenger seat, I want to go where you’re going.