A Rhythmic Exchange brings me to New Orleans Jazzfest

Marlon Singleton, a New Orleans native, works at Interscope and recently found out I played drums. I told him my dream is to move to New Orleans soon, and my other dream is to one day make it down there during Jazzfest. He said, I’ll give you tickets to Jazzfest 2012 if you can assemble the drumset I just bought for my 8-yr-old son who lives down there. I bought the drum set for him many months ago but no one has assembled it yet. I said, you’re on.

On April 28th was Figment Jackson – a gorgeous art festival featuring the contributions of local artists and many of Cioffi’s friends in Jackson, Mississippi. I joined her for that, and from there we gypsied down to NOLA for Jazzfest and to assemble the drums for little Blaise. When we were down there, another friend of mine who works for Interscope invited us to the best party we had ever been to – a huge family crawfish cook out with Blue Moons and crawfish galore. Learned how to slurp out the inside of the crawfish.

Highlights from Jazzfest were Deboband (Ethiopian 15-piece funk band ahhhh!!!), the Mardi Gras Indians, various Gospel bands and Janelle Monae.


2 thoughts on “A Rhythmic Exchange brings me to New Orleans Jazzfest

  1. nola is the best … hands down. haven’t had crawfish in years, so jealous!

    1. Let’s plan another trip this summer and you and Jpeg should come. We could start an analytics company down there…apparently the Louisiana Govt is putting money into start-ups!

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