Reverb: Madame Gandhi’s Top 5 Pieces of Gear For Creating Electronic Percussion Sounds

Photography by Synjin Mrkvicka

Top 5 Pieces of Gear For Creating Electronic Percussion Sounds

#1 / The Manley Gold Reference Mic – This mic makes my voice sound really light and gentle, which I appreciate when I incorporate vocal percussion into my production. Find one here.

#2 / The Teenage Engineering OP-Z – I use the hi hats from this synthesizer on nearly every song on my upcoming album Vibrations. Find one here.

#3 / The Roland TR-08 – Everyone uses the kicks from the 808 but sampling the snares from the physical recreation of this timeless drum machine is also incredibly sonically satisfying. Find one here.

#4 / The Sensel Morph with the Drum Overlay – I love playing on this controller with sticks to control MIDI drum sounds. I can do rolls, flams and other real drum articulations which allows me to be more expressive as a drummer when incorporating electronic percussion into my sound. Find one here.

#5 / The Expressive Touché and Liê Software – The sound presets on Lié integrate effortlessly with the Touché hardware, which functions like multidirectional a pedal but for the hand. The controller allows for dynamic movement of sound that feels like outer space. Find one here.

By Reverb for Reverb