Madame Gandhi Releases Young Indian Reimagined

Cover Image by Pedro D’Allstella
Album artwork by Sara Cifuentes

Madame Gandhi Releases “Young Indian Reimagined”

A Collection of Global Dance

Remixes of “Young Indian”


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Young Indian Reimagined Tracklist

  1. Young Indian (Sabrina Sabotage Reggaeton Remix)
  2. Young Indian (Yash Pathak Bhangra Remix)
  3. Young Indian (Marina Machine Moombahton Remix)
  4. Young Indian (Rich Robbyn Salsa Remix) 
  5. Young Indian (BowlBay Afrobeat Remix) 

Madame Gandhi’s YOUNG INDIAN REIMAGINED, a new collection of remixes of her 2019 Visions track “Young Indian”  is out now! Wanting to connect with new collaborators digitally during quarantine, Madame Gandhi launched the “Young Indian” remix contest on Native Instruments’ community platform Metapop, receiving over 500 submissions from producers across the globe, with winning mixes by Sabrina Sabotage, Yash Pathak, Marina Machine, Rich Robbyn & BowlBay.  Each of the final five tracks chosen are representative of a different style of percussive dance music, spanning everything from Afrobeat and Reggaeton to Bhangra and Salsa – listen here.  

In Gandhi’s Own Words

Young Indian Reimagined is a collection of remixes of my song “Young Indian” by producers from around the world. Each song is repurposed for a different dance tradition, from Afrobeat to Reggaeton, Bhangra to Salsa! As a producer, I wanted to hold a remix competition to see where else we could take the song, and to connect with new collaborators digitally during this time of quarantine. We ended up getting over 500 submissions on Native Instruments’, and after listening to every single remix, these 5 are our final selections!! Since I also get asked to DJ often, I also wanted to be able to spin my own music, and have remixes of my songs that fit a percussive dance floor context.

The Marina Machine Moombahton Remix uses vocal chopping and percussion to create a whole other high energy vibe. She produced this track while pregnant which was also deeply special to me! Sabrina Sabotage took us into a dreamy Reggaeton feel, while Rich Robbyn completely turned the track into a traditional salsa tune! Yash Pathak who works closely with A. R. Rahman in India turned “Young Indian” into a short and explosive Bhangra tune, while BowlBay closes the record with a deeply soulful Afrobeat reinterpretation.

I’m hype for you all to experience Young Indian Reimagined, and travel around the world with me as we experience the track through multiple genres.

The melty gold album cover image was created by Brazilian artist Pedro D’Allstella to celebrate the futuristic yet fluid, electronic yet earthy nature of the song, referencing my features reimagined. The final cover artwork was created by Colombian graphic designer Sara Cifuentes. The full album was mastered by Piper Payne and released on Madame Gandhi LLC as licensed to Sony Masterworks.