Times of India: Madame Gandhi collaborates with global artistes to create remixes of “Young Indian”

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Kiran Gandhi aka Madame Gandhi, musician-artist-activist who is passionate about elevating and celebrating gender liberation releases remixes in collaboration with other global artistes.

Cover Image by Pedro D’Allstella
Album artwork by Sara Cifuentes

Talking about it she explains the inspiration behind these new Young Indian remixes, “As music producer, I wanted to hold a remix competition to see where else we could take the song, and to connect with new collaborators digitally during this time of quarantine. I’m hype for you all to experience ‘ Young Indian Reimagined’ and travel around the world with me as we experience the track through multiple genres.”

With an aim to give people a vibrant energy to dance and feel uplifted during challenging times, she connected with new collaborators through a contest. There were over 500 submissions from music producers across the globe, with winning mixes by Sabrina Sabotage, Yash Pathak, Marina Machine, Rich Robbyn and BowlBay. What is interesting is that each of the final five tracks chosen showcases a diverse style of percussive dance music, spanning from Afrobeat and Reggaeton to Bhangra and Salsa.

Yash, an accomplished music composer-producer, percussionist, sound engineer, and musicologist, had the opportunity to share his mix. Having his track picked out of final five, he said, “It was an interesting experience for me to create the mix for Madame Gandhi’s ‘ Young Indian Reimagined’. I loved every bit of the process and feel delighted to be a part of this creative journey. I hope it brings joy and happiness during these hard times.”

Listen to “Young Indian Reimagined” Here

By TNN for Times of India