Inside/Out Women: The Gift of Presence ft. Madame Gandhi’s “The Future Is Female” Spotify Playlist

By Alison Beckner and Jessica Boukris for Inside/Out 


For two years now, we have continuously asked you (and ourselves) questions such as: How can we connect with strength and confidence, both inside and out? What practices, routines and rituals are serving us? What can we learn from others? And from ourselves? How can we go deeper together?

And what an experience. You inspire us, you bolster us, you drive us. And it’s still just the beginning. As a gesture of our most sincere appreciation, we have combined forces with 10 of our dear collaborators in the US and Europe to create the following experiences just for you. Just for us.
So get ready, get set, get present.
Peace + Love,
Alison and Jessica


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