JamPacked Podcast: Ep. 43 Interview with Madame Gandhi

Hosted by Jameela Hammond for the Jampacked Podcast

💥🎼Kiran “Madame” Gandhi [ @madamegandhi ] is an electronic music artist, activist, and speaker. Recently, she was selected for the Forbes Under 30 List for the 2019 class of innovators who are revolutionizing the music industry.  She gained recognition as the former 🥁drummer for M.I.A., Kehlani, Thievery Corporation and as the iconic free-bleeding runner at the 🏃🏽‍♀️2015 London Marathon running for Breast Cancer Care, bleeding freely to combat period stigma around the world, sparking a viral conversation about how we treat menstruation in various cultures.

Kiran stops by to talk: how she got invited to play drums for Kehlani, being a Harvard Business Grad student while being the touring drummer for M.I.A., investing in the community, what kept her going while bleeding freely doing the London Marathon, lack of access to products for women, why a woman’s period is uneasy for people to talk about, and not wanting to give into societal oppression.

We play Drinkuisition over some Allagash Curieux!