Madame Gandhi’s New Single “Bad Habits” Out Now

It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!! My latest single “Bad Habits” is out in the world!!! This song is an uplifting Fela Kuti-inspired percussive electronic afrobeat anthem about being your best self. It is about wanting to be better so as to serve humanity. It is about looking at how Fela and Gandhi fought against oppressive colonization using tactics like non-violence, radical self-reliance and community organizing. When I read Gloria Steinem book My Life on the Road, she talked about how Gandhi’s tactics were inspired by the womxn suffragists in the 1920s fighting against the same oppressive patriarchal powers to obtain the right to vote. It is dark sometimes to think about how these same types of oppressive structures of power have control today, but it is for this reason I wrote this song and put it out when I am. It is during #Felabration, it is weeks before the midterm elections and it is months before the new year comes around and all your bad habits have got to got to go. Produced by my dear friend Zach Witness, mixed by Neil Comber, mastered by Piper Payne. Album artwork shot by Anna Maria Lopez and designed by Sara Cifuentes. Let’s go!!!! Blast it loud!!!! #thefutureisfemale #ownyourvoice #badhabits #madamegandhiCover ARtyellow_bts-44yellow_bts-60yellow_bts-61yellow_bts-1yellow_bts-5yellow_bts-32yellow_bts-40yellow_bts-34yellow_bts-33yellow_bts-88yellow_bts-71yellow_bts-92yellow_bts-91yellow_bts-97yellow_bts-73yellow_bts-63Still Stories-10Still Stories-09yellow_bts-105Still Stories-08Still Stories-03Still Stories-07Still Stories-12Still Stories-11yellow_bts-111

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