Madame Gandhi Live @ Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR Recap

Pulled together an all-star dream squad of musicians and sold out Portland on Saturday! Plus I had my love @fightingfrankie and my right hand @young_baji with me at all times so life was good. Missing @larafmmusic who sent love from afar. Thank you @pbrsoundsociety and @thefader for hosting us at @wondermusics@maarquii for voguing on “Her” and @tariqabdellatifphotography for shooting the show. Thank you @amydavidman for always booking me for dope gigs!!! To my friends in the band, thanks for bringing your joyful, talented and collaborative spirit to the project. That was a really good show and we did that!!!! Drums 🥁: @thundergoddess666; bass 🔊: @suavecito_91; guitar 🎸: @bibimcgill; vox 🎤: @frankiesimonemusic; perx 🎶: @aliofthec & @cemeza 💛🏆🙏🏽 #thefutureisfemale #ownyourvoice#topknotturnup

The Band: Terrica Kleinknecht (drums), Fabi Reyna (Bass), Bibi Samiyah McGill (Guitar), Frankie Simone (Vox), Ali Clarke (perx), & Claudia Meza (perx)

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