UK Tour 2017

This May’s UK tour included:

Rich Mix, London Shoreditch

The Curtain Hotel, London Shoreditch

The Great Escape, Brighton

The Headrow House, Leeds discussion on menstrual equity and live performance

And finishing my song “Bad Habits” recording at Miloco studios and recording vocals and finishing the production with Zach Witness in our hotel at the Curtain and the Hoxton

I had so much fun on this tour. I remember the amazing food at The Hoxton, the gym at The Curtain, hanging and laughing and creating with Zach, hanging with Amy and Natz and Kayus from Young Fathers and Leo and his co-manager from Red Rooster and Amy Leon and Bellatrix and Francisca Valenzuela. I remember walking around and exploring late night, meeting new fans along the way, learning about how the UK is also struggling with the burdensome tax on tampons in poor and more rural communities like near Leeds. I overlapped with my mom on that trip too – I got to see her speak at the London Zoo which was so moving and so beautifully done. I remember not wanting to leave.

shot and edited by Giguana UK


IMG_4930IMG_4932IMG_4966IMG_5037IMG_5083Madame Gandhi - The Curtain, London - May 2017IMG_5085IMG_5086Madame Gandhi - The Curtain, London - May 2017Madame Gandhi - The Curtain, London - May 2017IMG_5082Madame Gandhi - The Curtain, London - May 2017IMG_5077IMG_5075Madame Gandhi - The Curtain, London - May 2017IMG_5071IMG_5073IMG_5069IMG_5058

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