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Side Side Hustle Podcast, for City Scout Magazine, aired Episode 3 with a dominating, intelligent activist, musician and innovator; Kiran Gandhi. While the subjects range from many examples, stories and experiences of women in the music industry, confidence in standing against an oppressor and abusive manipulator to understanding what “The Future is Female” means, which happens to be the title to this intellectual episode. But before we get into that our host for Side Side Hustle is none other than the cultural activist and talented singer/songwriter/producer Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon.

Before Kiran Gandhi joins the episode, Terra talks on a once sensitive subject of women, in the industry, being dominated by abusive, physically and emotionally, powerful men who thrive in this industry and get away with the detrimental acts they oppose on women. As an example: Heathcliff Berru, of Life and Death PR Firm, who houses a plethora of top artists around the globe. For ten years Berru assaulted women and got away with it. The women, who also work in the same industry, were too afraid to come out and admit the abuse that was committed. It took one woman to say, “Nope not me!”. She called out Berru, via twitter, and a list of women also added similar claim to these types of assault ranging from single verbal abuse to actual rape. All which deemed to be true based on the apology from Berru via social media which was about admitting but with excuses, blaming his heavy drug and alcohol addictions for his actions, rather than simply apologizing. Once claims were made, his roster of clients quickly fell, even Killer Mike spoke against Berru and ended his business relationship with Life and Death PR. Berru resigned, his esteemed company fell apart. Job Well Done Women.

Kiran Gandhi then joins in with experiences, examples and talks about whom she is a scholar, musician, activist and becoming the first ever digital analyst for Interscope Records. I can’t give the whole episode away so I will leave you all with this…

Terra: What is your thoughts of The Future is Female?

Kiran: No longer will we live in a world where female qualities are subordinate to male qualities.

In this week’s episode of SIDE SIDE HUSTLE, we talk to musician, feminist, innovator, Kiran Gandhi. Over the years, Kiran has honed her craft and shared the stage with international legends Thievery Corporation and M.I.A. while simultaneously attending and graduating both Georgetown University and Harvard Business School with top honors. We speak with Kiran about her Atomic Living Theory and how it’s possible to live a life with zero compromises, how she established herself at Interscope Records as the label’s first ever digital analyst, and what it means to be a woman in the music industry today. We finish the interview by focusing on what women can do to be heard, to be felt, and to be successful.

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