Playing drums in the HBS Show: Harry Potter & The Classcard of Secrets

I played drums again in a musical that takes place on campus every year. This year the theme was Harry Potter, and the plot basically parallelled life at HBS with the plot of the first Harry Potter book. It was an awesomely high production event, which we worked on for several months beforehand and performed for four consecutive nights to the HBS community. The Schoppe Twins, who directed the show, are sure to be famous heavy-hitters in the theater world, I’m sure of it. Working with those girls was so incredible and inspiring – they made me feel like I was the only person they were working with, when in fact I was a rather insignificant piece of a roughly 40 person group of people involved, and it made me want to be as much on top of my shit as they were.

I think another one of the amazing thing about performing in the HBS show every year is the reflection that it stimulates – thinking about the whole year and looking back at really monumental HBS moments like FIELD or being assigned to your section or thinking about what to do over the summer between RC and EC year.

What I liked most though was how self-aware and self-critical the script was, and the fact that the administration approved it. There were jokes about HBS being home to some of the greatest business leaders and white collar criminals simultaneously, as well as students outsourcing all the entrepreneurialism to MIT undergrads when being “entrepreneurs.” I liked when they did the job search crystal ball scene that predicted a lot of the students becoming bankers or consultants, or the scene about “cracking the case” sung to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”

The most amazing thing though is the feeling of being intellectually stimulated by day and then being musically stimulated at night. And specifically because I am taking some classes that apply directly to the music industry this semester, it reminded me a lot of my 2 years in LA – solving industry problems by day at Interscope Records and then either attending shows or playing my own shows at night. It’s when music is a part of my full day and full night and it feels fucking rad. And so, to me, that was what those 4 days felt like. It felt stressful because it’s hard work but fun and uplifting because I got know even more amazing HBS folks and perform music I like for people I like.

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Our parents are insisting that we take a weekend sabbatical from the show, but before we do we want to thank each and every one of you for the months of hard work that culminated in such an incredible week. People who are not even affiliated with the show have come up to us and said that the show was the highlight of their year. How lucky is this show family to have given such an amazing gift to our community, not to mention each other!

Like our precious Rawi Snape, the Schoppe’s don’t just have feelings….we have all of them when it comes to the thought of this HBS Show journey coming to its conclusion. However, we promised certain members of this cast that we would not sink into depression, so instead we will just celebrate the fact that this group presented the best HBS Show in the history of this school. The best part about that statement is that it is not just something we say but something we know. You are all incredible and we are so privileged to have worked with you and to call each of you a friend. The show has been the most meaningful part of our HBS experience and it is because of the wonderful people it has brought into our lives.

Final “notes” from your directors…

RCs: Regarding next year: trust the process, take care of each other, and trust your own power within. The bar is high but we can’t wait to see you clear it. This year’s show is an example of surpassing something nobody saw as passable. It can be done. We leave the show in…we are happy to say…your capable hands.

ECs: The magic remains. We only have to look at each and every one of you to know that. To those of you who came into the show this year for your first time, we are so grateful you chose to spend your last few months with us and the show. To those of you who have been on this crazy ride with us for the second time, we have no clue what we did to deserve you, but it meant so much to see all of you come back. You have no idea.

Now, get out of here! Some of you only have a few weeks of HBS left…

SHOWppe LOVE and a “wistful” goodbye,

Christine & Jennifer

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  1. I was at the show and it was spectacular. Kiran I loved your drumming and the entire show was clever, entertaining and hilarious all at one! I left feeling strangely elevated.

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