Class of Creativity Podcast #5


“M.I.A.’s Drummer is freaking brilliant! | Class of Creativity Podcast #5 with Kiran Gandhi”

By a beautiful synchronicity, I ran into M.I.A.’s drummer, Kiran Gandhi, at SXSW 2015.  She turned out to be a super fascinating soul, and agreed to meet up and have a creative conversation for the podcast with me. Listen to this one very carefully, as she represents a unique blend of wicked smart (she’s attending Harvard Business School MBA Program!) and wildly creative (watch a video of her drumming and get hypnotized).  

You’ll LEARN:

  • How to balance creative life and business school
  • Tapping into The Power of Peak experience
  • What is a Circadian rhythm and adapting to your life’s pace
  • The Unique Philosophy of “Atomic Living”
  • The importance of recognizing values and using intuition
  • The synchronous moment we met
  • Being present and its benefits
  • Having focus on what you want and learning to say ‘no’
  • Why humans need interaction
  • The exquisite side of mathematics
  • Do indie artists need to have a team to do it all?
  • How to Make your Heroes your friends
  • Synchronicity, What is synchronicity for you?