Hit Like a Girl Contest 2015



As a guest judge this year of the annual Hit Like a Girl Contest, I am thrilled to say that my votes are in. There was so much talent this year, and it was so fun to just browse each video that was submitted, get inspired, and learn so much myself about technique, stroke and new ideas out there in the drumming community. It felt so exciting to see young drummers in their elements, their set ups, and the different filming/recording techniques they each chose that would best showcase their work. When I was 12, this definitely did not exist. With female drummers, the way it works usually is that each of us are the only one in our immediate circles who are the go-to female drummer, and we don’t know about others like us out there or how to find them. Tom Tom has solved that problem. It brought so much joy to be able to browse the work of the other judges who are so well-known in the industry and learn from them, as well as just get so excited about the new class of young women musicians who are raising the bar higher and higher.

There is still time to submit between now and April 8th before we announce the final winners of the over and under 18 categories!!



We announced the winners of the Hit Like a Girl Contest May 7th, broadcasting live from Drum Channel in Los Angeles, CA!! We spoke about how the reason is it is called “Hit Like a Girl” is not only to reclaim a phrase that used to be an insult, but also to genuinely inspire men and women around the world to find their “inner girl” – that uninhibited, free, rockin young thing who doesn’t hold back when they play!! We also spoke about “onliness” – the notion that when women feel like they are the only female drummer in their communities who plays, they often give up playing because it is exhausting to always be the exception. Because of this contest though, girls don’t have to feel only – they can feel like they have a community of up and coming contemporaries in the drumming world! Personal moments of inspiration included chatting with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, jamming with a team of famous drummers and linking up with Lindsay Artkop, the winner of the contest this year, later in the week in NYC.

Check out the Hit Like A Girl Contest finals show shot at DrumChannel in DW Drums factory. Minute 28:24 in part two Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers gives Tom Tom Magazine a serious shout out! Plus there is an insane drum jam with legendary Bobbye HallAlicia Warrington, Kiran Gandhi and Val SepulvedaJess Bowen hosts with me (Mindy Abovitz) and DRUM! Magazine’s Phil Hood.

Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups in the Hit Like A Girl 2015 Contest!