S.T.E.A.M Day at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston



The Young People’s Project of Boston co-hosted an amazing day of STEAM Workshops (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math) at the Museum of Fine Arts for teenagers. I was asked to host an 80-min workshop on the intersection of mathematics and sound, as well as music and business. Here was the general flow of the presentation:

Intro: My Passions

Properties of Soundwaves

Sound Painting

Your Passions

The soundpainting activity was crazy. I projected a metronome, organized the 30 students into groups based on the type of percussion instrument they would play, and then would point to different groups telling them which beat of the metronome (1-4) they should play on.

We concluded the workshop by doing an activity inspired by The Boston GenUp Leadership Training where you map your passions to changes you wish to see in the world in a tangible way. Ask me if you want to learn more!