The Sun of Jackson Hole

There is nothing warmer than the sun of Jackson, Wyoming in the summer. It feels warm, not hot. It’s a different wonderful thing. There is something about knowing the rays of the sun are rosying your cheeks, browning your body, welcoming you into its mountain fold. There is just something about that feminine sun, up in the Jackson mountains. I went there this July with Ana for her HBS sectionmate David Jackson’s wedding. It was the best wedding I had ever been too. Easily. More fun than an Indian wedding in my opinion. It was so gorgeously done. Being on a ranch and hearing all the families share stories about each other, it was clear I was in a place of real love.

Ana and I adventured through Idaho to get there – I had always wanted to go to Snake River! I am the year of the snake (1989) and I also had a feeling there would be amazing things to dig into in that town!! We explored coffee shops and adorable thrift shops and a strange 50s style parlor bar and then we went onward to Jackson. We hiked Taggart Lake for a couple of hours and explored the mountain towns and lived in a little inn for a few days. It was sheer bliss…American beauty style.