Drumming, thinking, canoeing in Jackson, Mississippi

Last weekend I was in Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana living, loving, learning, and making music with Cioffi. Over the weekend we went canoeing in Mississippi and on that Monday I played at the open mic night at La Maison in New Orleans. Here is what Cioffi wrote:

“i wish u ladies had seen kkg play that open mic, it was rad. we rocked into that bar late night and there was a long list of peeps who wanted to play. KKG steps up to this black madame who has a washboard on and asks if she can play drums. The madame immediately pushes her on stage and kkg plays some random hard rock song with 7 old men on stage and the crowd really goes crazy for her. She has already created a massive fan base down there!!”

Here is some footage during our time drumming, thinking and canoeing on Crystal Lake:

Crystal Lake from Robby Piantanida on Vimeo.