Back from Hong Kong, DC debauchery in full swing

(I love that this photo looks like it was taken in HK because of all the bright lights...instead it was right in the heart of DC randomly at 4am near Logan circle)

I just got back from Hong Kong about 10 days ago and I still haven’t unpacked my things yet. From the moment I got back, the music scene has been kicking and there have been so many great people I’ve gotten to see again. I haven’t spent much time at home, and instead I have had the pleasure of exploring DC’s different hoods by day and at night with different friends.

The thing I’ve missed most about this city is its soul. Hong Kong kicks DC’s ass in terms of ¬†infrastructure, technology, public facilities and efficiency. But DC has so much soul. In just ten days of being back, I have met more people on the street than I ever was able to in HK. This regular interaction with strangers has led me to believe that in DC mostly everyone lives a double-life and they enjoy it that way.

I am starting this blog with the hope of showcasing and celebrating these people that I am so fortunate to meet along my own personal journey, and to share different experiences that I find worth sharing.

One thought on “Back from Hong Kong, DC debauchery in full swing

  1. Hey super woman – I tend to admire you from afar, but with this new blog, I can happily follow your adventurous footsteps even more closely! This blog step seems almost natural for you, considering you are such a keen documenter already. Can’t wait to help you out on my multiple visits to you.
    ps.ur photo = fox status.

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