Yau Ma Tei Days: The Sizzling city of Hong Kong

Stream of consciousness memories of my Hong Kong life in 2010.

If you’re sick you’ll be wearing a mask, the chinese disinfect several
times a day, men’s fashion, hot tutors, riding at the top of the bus
is amazing, swire squash traditions, tutor friended me on facebook,
research for grameen, cambodian jungle beat, bus system is amazing,
ppl fb cooment in chinese, the whole yarrah bravo experience at
grappas and how the chinese didn’t get it, papa and business colleages
came to the wanch, can’t pay w cc, chinese gaji berries knew it first,
7-11 bar hop, waiting for ppl to come carve a name for themselves here
esp in music industry, hku has a really prominent and active magic
society along w magic competitions, went to ask for a claw for my
conga and got the once over then rejection, a good sign is when u run
into all sorts of ppl when you’re out, bus took a wrong turn that
never happens, walked up a rando street between wellington and soho
and saw a family arguing over closing down their shop in canto,
androgynous dress style, ten hours to give easy directions, speak
english before putonghua, hk is diverse in terms of experience (give s
pain example), play too far by second sky bc its the end of the day
when you feel like you’ve accomplished something. whole s pain
experience feeling very freaked out- me and group but then
drumming warehouse and explosive percussion goodness for world cup 2010 coca cola promo, dragon back hike, met good ppl, sheko woman that memorized our order and every number on
the menu, I feel tall in this country,  I love hk’s elderly- I find
them very beautiful, love my profs, “actually”, “wuiii”, phillips
story: mechanic, delinquints then drumming size restructuring,
filipinos will say “good night too”, fb is an amazing thing: abused
status updates/got love and support, u can get past papers on campus-
very normal, weird slim beauty places, coffee and books, chinese don’t
know how to groove or jam when they play drums- too classical and
rigid, really painful to listen to, nuns monks on campus in line on
starbucks, more than what meets the eye, and what abt your dinner,
stats noticing, old chinese lady w shirt that said punk lives, hk day
w rina, hidden fashion coffee shops, no such thign as the male gaze,
ppl are lovely if u whip out a bit of cantonese, the fashion is out of
this world so random creative anything goes amazing skinny bodies dope
hair cuts and colors and glasses and sneakers and androgenous dress,
trip to shanghai made me appreciate hk more, math w locals really
cool, hot yoga in misty evening in hk park, kids have mtr octos that
are built into watches keychains etc, more to hk than meets the eye
and there’s a lot that meets the eye, tamarindio at jap restaurant in
kowloon, photos in random dundas street, men’s fashion, random
english, look up: more, redlight hidden in betw it all, hk smells like
cigarettes daily soup and stinky tofu, ppl are hot baggy pants hat
glasses big sneakers, rinas theory about hk waiting for a crisis, dim
sum w papa once he taught me about chinese ml coming to spend money at
ifc w bagd of usd, everything connected, hot yoga over looking vh,
guro having norway cakes, if you ever go to hk take fuckin notes, hk
is gonna change so much in 50 yrs I’m scared, prof and kay tutor,
errol/chris/neerja chats, amazing chiropractor/homeopathic herbs,
canto yoga class “downwa fayyyycing dog” w beautiful ppl attractive
butts, karaoke, walking misty tram showers, tai chi. Yum cha 8am