Diandra Reviews It All: Concert Review: Madame Gandhi Turns National Sawdust Into Her Woman Cave

By Diandra Reviews for Diandra Reviews It All

I never understand why men need a “Man Cave.” Though we all need a private space, it always appears like an automatic must for a guy to have a room separate from “the women.” At National Sawdust, Madame Gandhi’s concert was a space for women to breathe, and proudly proclaim that we deserve our own “woman cave” to rest and decompress from all that we do for this world. 

When you go to a Madame Gandhi show, you know you are going to get political opinions. Her moral character is integral to her art, and it transforms her songs into something more than a “love song” or a “breakup songs.” She is talking about women’s rights, LGBTQ empowerment, the general feeling that to be different does not mean you should be distanced. This resonated to the diverse crowd of women, of which some raised their hands to say, “Hallelujah!” She was their chic shaman; giving them swag, style, and sermons, all at once.

From “Yellow Sea” to “Bad Habits,” Madame Gandhi had the crowd dancing in enlightenment. The ex-drummer of M.I.A, you might be tempted to make comparisons between Madame Gandhi and the Sri Lankan rapper. They both share exuberant, percussive soundscapes that make drums and bongos the leaders of their melodies. That was CLEAR every time Madame Gandhi bashed her drums as if they were punching bags. It was nothing less than fierce and admirably dedicative to see how she bounced around between choreography, playing bongos, and rapping as if her voice was the gift wrap for boxes of wisdom. 

When you become a speaker for wisdom, you have to be very smart, charming, and precariously brave in how you present your lessons of virtue. Frankly, nobody wants to be “preached” at, or rather everyone feels sensitive when someone says they should do better because it could sound like they are doing bad. Yet, from verse to presence, Madame Gandhi shows that having a good heart is the platform for making a better one. Thus, whether you are a woman using your heart to be resilient or a man supporting women through their resilience then you are stepping up for a better tomorrow. One where the future is not just female but also compassionate towards every gender identity. For More Information On Madame Gandhi Click Here.