Stanford CCRMA Final – “Chuck Chakras” Meditation Sequencer by Kiran Gandhi

In my final iteration of “Chuck Chakras” I implemented more of my original ideas and also went ahead and took quite a bit of feedback from the class. Firstly, I wanted the sequencer portion to read as a yoga mat, so I added a purple yoga mat underlay below the sequencer slots. I also want to note that each sequencer slot is a sacred geometry shape of the “seed of life” into which you drag and drop each chakra. I liked the idea of planting a seed thematically for this project. In order for the touch/feel to be more satisfying, I also added the ability to hear the sound you are selecting as you click a chakra to drag it on to the yoga mat. Next, I wanted to make sure I gave the user a toggle button for the tempo. In order to build the button, I knew I wanted it to make contextual sense in this environment, so I chose an amethyst crystal with a pointed shape to represent the selector tool for the BPM options. 10pm on the amethyst dial is 60BPM, 12am is 80BPM and 2pm is 120BPM. If you turn the crystal all the way pointing down to 6pm, the speed ramps up to 240BPM.

Listen to all the recordings and learn more about the project here.