Stanford CCRMA Project – “Yellow Sea” Visualizer by Kiran Gandhi

The inspiration for my visualizer “Yellow Sea” comes from the iconic West Coast view of the rays of the setting sun on the Pacific Ocean. I chose to use my song “Yellow Sea” for the demo because I never got the chance to do a music video for one of my own songs “Yellow Sea” and had always wanted to. The song is about basking in the rays of the sun, and was written as I watched the reflection of the sunset in the Pacific Ocean one day when I was in Los Angeles many years ago.

To that end, my visualizer depicts the ocean with the sun rising and setting, where time is represented by the rays of the sun, frequency is represented by the reflection of the sunlight in the water, and spectrum history is represented by the outward rippling effect of the reflected sunlight into the water. I chose to create two mirror images instances of the spectrum history for visually aesthetic purposes – I wanted the reflection of the sunlight to read as such, and the best way to achieve that was through mirroring the frequency histories on their sides in front of the sun on top of the water.
Listen to all the recordings and learn more about the project here.