Madame Gandhi Releases 100% Organically Sourced Material From Nature Field Recordings on Splice Sounds

Graphic Design by Sara Cifuentes

About the Project:

The 100% Organically Sourced sound pack was the brain-child of me and the Woodstock-based music collective, Sound MANA. The intention behind this pack was to record field recordings of plants and animals in nature and use the audio from these recordings to produce electronic sounds. So often as a producer, I find myself loving what is available to me online and yet I do not know where the sound came from. I want my audience to be inspired by what nature can offer. With this pack, my intention is to contribute to a movement that thinks critically about not only the source of the instrumentation but also the content in our lyrics. As an artist and producer, I see an enormous opportunity in being able to provide music and sounds that elevate the collective consciousness. By making this pack, we hope that the Splice community finds joy in reconnecting with nature.

Splice: Madame Gandhi on sound design and mindfulness in music production

Listen Here.