Harper’s Bazaar India: Return to Roots with Madame Gandhi

Madame Gandhi, Topanga, CA: I usually wear small, gold, hoop earrings with my dailywear; they serve as a reminder of my childhood in Mumbai in the late ’90s. I also wear a gold necklace that says “Own Your Voice” that was created for me by Bhindi Jewelers in Artesia, which is essentially the Little India of Los Angeles. And I always accessorise with several gold bands on my fingers, as they keep me connected to my grandparents, who are of Indian origin.


Digital Editor: Nandini Bhalla

Feature credit: Radhika Bhalla

Shot by: Lindsey Byrnes

Hair by: Lauren Bensley

Make-up by: Anthony Crane

Wearing NorBlack NorWhite, Bhindi Jewelers, TAKA

By Harper’s Bazaar India for Harper’s Bazaar India