Bye Bye Plastic: Reusable is the New Resolution Campaign

Dreamed up and led by Vivie-Ann aka BLOND:ISH as a grassroots movement, Bye Bye Plastic is now a team of 8 eco warriors on track to wipe out single-use plastic in the music industry by 2025. Bye Bye Plastic has inspired thousands of DJs and event promoters to back the initiative since launching in 2018. Join in on the #ReusableIsTheNewResolution campaign to help Bye Bye Plastic create a more plastic-free world.

Here’s a couple of green steps that go a long way:

• Grab yourself some reusable, plastic-free alternatives from @byebyeplasticlife’s Sustainable Picks page.

• Sign up for the Eco-Rider and add your name to a list of 2,000 supporting DJs & Artists here!

Special thanks to the Eco-Warriors who participated!



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