NPR: Madame Gandhi’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

CaptureMadame Gandhi’s tiny desk (home) concert performance is officially live! Watch Gandhi perform “Waiting For Me,” “Moon in the Sky,” and “Bad Habits” in the yellow ambiance of her own home below.

A word from NPR Tiny Desk Producer, Kara Frame:

With one quick glance, you can guess Madame Gandhi’s favorite color. Surrounded by her yellow bongos and congas, a yellow desk from her youth and a yellow nightstand, her Tiny Desk (home) concert lighting nods to the lavender-lemon artwork of her 2019 Visions EP. She’s intentional with everything she does, including activism that focuses primarily on gender liberation. She uses music to help elevate and celebrate female voices, from working with primarily queer women BIPOC on tour and video sets, to writing socially-conscious lyrics that challenge the white male-dominated music industry.. Madame Gandhi’s clear, soft voice and swells of percussion give you the necessary space to meditate on her message of inclusion and equality.


By Kara Frame for NPR