Deadline Extended to June 30th: Metapop Remix Competition for “Young Indian” by Madame Gandhi

Remix Competition: Remix This #230

Calling all producers and beat makers, we need YOU to come up with a global bass inspired remix of Gandhi’s song “Young Indian.” We are looking for Afrobeat, moombahton or reggaeton inspired remixes between 90-110 BPM. This competetion’s deadline has been extended to June 30th. Submit now by visiting

Madame Gandhi’s track “Young Indian” from the Fall 2019 release “Visions” is a psych rock, electronic, hip-hop track that explores identity while critiquing forms of higher education today.

Gandhi and her team are looking for remixes that allow the track to exist on the dance floor, enabling DJs around the world to include the song in their sets. Gandhi’s biggest personal inspiration is Fela Kuti, as there are many connections between the activist work of Fela in Nigeria, and Mahatma Gandhi in India. She is looking for remixes that transform the song into MoombahtonAfrobeatReggaeton or Dancehall feels with BPMs ideally between 70-108. Gandhi wants to see remixers push their creativity and create remixes that give the song an entirely new identity. Using every stem is not necessary, nor is using the spoken lyrics in each of the verses.

Focus on using the pre-chorus and chorus melodies and consider using the spoken lyrics either in excerpts that speak to you thematically, or by sampling and chopping individual words in a creative and musically relevant way. Keep the percussion and drums high as this is central to Gandhi’s sound, as well choosing pads, tones, keys and sounds that keep the song in an emotionally warm and uplifting place. Sonic references include Uproot AndyKennedy JonesThomas Blondet and Dave Nada.

That said, this should feel like a collaboration between you and Madame Gandhi, so feel free to bring your aesthetic and taste into the sound. We want something innovative that does not follow traditional and predictable remix formats. We want to be pulled into YOUR world as you embark on a remix that addresses the creative pointers described above. Keep the song under 5 mins too, please. 3-4 mins is ideal!

Madame Gandhi’s mission is to elevate and celebrate the female voice. We actively invite gender non-conforming folks, trans folks and women to submit their remixes for consideration. Gandhi will be listening to every remix herself and picking the top submissions for chances to win prizes like Native Instruments gear, cash and a release on digital streaming platforms via major label Sony Masterworks.


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By Metapop for Metapop

Competition ends on June 30th, 2020.