Madame Gandhi Featured in Times Square Billboards For Spotify’s Asian Heritage Month Celebration

Spotify is using its platform to lift up the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community at a time that’s arguably more important than ever. Read the statement below from Marian Dicus, vp, co-head of music at Spotify, where she talks about the significance of this campaign:

Visibility and inclusivity are more important than ever for Asian communities, and we’re proud to support the amazing talent that represents the incredible diversity and art that comes from Asian-American and Pacific Islander creators. Through this hub and our other initiatives celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are able to spotlight the rich culture that makes our communities so vibrant and authentic this month and year-long.


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Check out Gandhi’s speech at Spotify’s HQ in NYC during Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2019, where she sat on a panel along side other leaders in the music industry here.

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