Nuraphone: Nura Live From Home — Madame Gandhi

 Nura Live From Home — Madame Gandhi

Full name: Kiran “Madame” Gandhi
Born: New York City, NY
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Can’t leave the house without: Water!

Describe your sound to our audience: 
Uplifting, vibey, percussive anthems about gender liberation and love

Image Savanna Ruedy

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? 
Fela Kuti, Justin Bieber, M.I.A, Thievery Corproation, Tune-Yards, TV on the Radio

Tell us about that first moment you tried the Nuraphone: 
I started playing a song I had written the night before, and the song sounded so good and elevated and warm, and I just started dancing to my own song in my home!! It was such a liberating feeling, to allow the depth and womb-like nature of the headphones to allow me to connect with my own music on a multi-dimensional level. It felt really good.

Image by Savanna Ruedy

What has been the ‘silver lining’ of the quarantine for you? 
To work on my own mental health and healing emotions!

What have been some of your career highlights to date?
Touring with Oprah on her 2020 Vision Tour, drumming for M.I.A, getting my M.B.A at Harvard Business School, being a 2020 TED Fellow, Listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Music 2019, putting out my albums Voices and Visions…and overall trying to be a thoughtful and emotionally intelligent human being to my friends, family and community at large.

Check out the Nura Live From Home featuring Madame Gandhi here.

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