LADYGUNN: Madame Gandhi Featured in Week Two Round Up


Madame Gandhi 

The illuminmous Madame Gandhi started off her live stream on Tuesday by giving us a tour of her childhood bedroom in New York! No surprises, the queen had a lot of yellow decor, from bed sheets to microphones. We peeped her music set up, featuring her Teenage LP synthesizer, yellow microphone, and a yellow JBL that she carries everywhere; we saw some tour gifts, sage, and hand sanitizer she uses to “keep the vibes alive and safe in these trying times.”

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung coined the term the “collective unconscious,” referring to the perceptions we hold that are genetically inherited or framed by others. Madame Gandhi’s drums and sings as if she were a channel, representing a voice that aches to speak to and enlighten this unconscious. In a world where it is controversial to love yourself and gender is still largely regarded as binary, Madame centers her music to focus on throwing away old ideals for new ones. An activist for the free, creative, and female, her music is universally groovy. Stream her music above and enter a world that is uplifting, yellow and female.