Spotify HQ NYC: Asian Women in Music Panel

We must actively combat the normalization of misogyny in music today!!! At the new Spotify HQ in NYC this summer I spoke to employees and playlist programmers about how they have the power to promote music that does NOT contribute to the oppression of someone else, and that consumers deserve to have access to a wide variety of programming. Since when has turning up become synonymous with listening to toxic masculinity!? As artists and thinkers we aren’t here to tell other people how to make their music but we are here to provide and design the alternative. My intention is to keep making dope uplifting percussive music that can be playlisted alongside the oppressive stuff so that at least we can feel that all of our voices are heard! I am very excited to share with you the new project I have coming out this fall! I am really impressed with and grateful to Spotify for giving us the space to say this real shit internally. #thefutureisfemale #ownyourvoice #spotify


190530_AHM_Posters_03Asian Women in Music copy


The Panelists:

Annie Chen, VP of Marketing at Mass Appeal

Madame Gandhi, Artist & activist


Ramya Velury, Artist Manager & rapper, EQT


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