Visiting Seoul, Korea with Boxer Bae

Michelle had a LADWP work trip to Korea, so she brought me with her for a week. 😍


  • changgyeonggung meditative Temples; Gyeonghuigung temple palace
  • GongYang veggie buddisht dinner in a private room
  • Luft Coffee
  • Coffee Hanyakbang in the alley
  • Hongdae (West)
    • Minimal kitchen; Hongdae shopping Street all west; Sangsu area in Hapjeong; Object in Hongdae; Lingerie
    • Scope lifestyle shop exit 6 hongik Univ station
  • Seongsu-dong (East)
    • Cafe Onion, Daerim Warehouse, Zagmachi, Common Ground, Supy Rocks
  • Dinner: Plant Cafe in Itaewon


  • River Cheonggecheon Stream
  • Cold Naengmyeon buckwheat noodle pears! + side of bulgogi
  • Ikseon-dong (North)
    • Slow steady club fashion and coffee; Goi; Villages all north
    • subway to Jungno 3ga station explore the backstreets and traditional homes!!!
    • centuries-old hanok villages; 
    • Traditional Korean tea seated
    • Nandan tower could be nice to see. Views of the city 🙂 Its north of the river, north of where we were yesterday
    • Changdepkgung palace and meditative garden
    • Get the Hotteok rice things at Ssal Sanghhoe!!! Japchae are sweet potato noodles!
    • Candles and incense at Assibabgagan also near Jungno station!
    • Uncle videotown cofffee and private movie screening room
    • Samseong-dong Kimchi Museum
  • Yongsan (South of Lotte hotel)
    • Yongsan electronics market; Mmm records for vinyl and LPs
    • Mmm records for vinyl and LPs
    • N Seoul Tower view 
    • haebangchon: good for night time; vegan space store is there
    • Korean Sauna Jjimjilbangs – dragon hill
  • Itaewon-Dong/Hannam:
    • Cakeshop, Plant, 232 Seoul 


  • Dynamic Boxing Class in Seung Su Dong
  • Dongdaemun Market (East)
    • Cosmos Wholesale for records – euljiro/chungmuro; buy kpop and see melon list; 70s Japanese funk; Wonder Girls and girl groups, 2NE1, Girls Generation
    • Width depth height east Seoul shop
    • Disco surf venue yongsan 
    • Nyug in euljiro/chungmuro cafe
    • Cosmos Wholesale is an artistic variety shop run by five creative friends including an editor, a fashion designer, an indie label owner, and a photographer, on the second floor of a mixed-tenant building in Euljiro 3-ga.
  • Gangnam: 
    • For sneakers: New Boon, 21, Apgujeong-ro 60-Gil
    • Sinsa-dong
      • Sinsa-dong is about date night meals and shopping (some really trendy boutiques there on the side streets) and skin care.
    • garusu-gil area is cool
    • 23&24 fashion brand at Musina Store in Seoul
    • Cheongdam-dong art area – nature poem building
    • Nammi plant lab
    • Le chamber speak easy, Dosa, SM and JYP entertainment building kpop
  • Art: Seoul station (archive Bomm, artist proof, kioskkiosk)
  • Seoul Lantern festival