Speaking at Berklee College

Video still by Regina Crisosto Jequier

Lessons for My Berklee Students, by Kiran Gandhi, Age 29, Oct 25th, 2018, Boston, MA

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1) Iteration – make a lot of terrible art before you start making art you like – flex the muscle of creativity – consistency is queen – make the unfamiliar familiar – nothing is hard.
2) Stop competing; start collaborating – those who are the most secure elevate those around them, not put them down in order to make themselves feel better.
3) Always ask what you can contribute; not what you can take.
4) Don’t be reactionary to your educate – be proactive about it. Design schedules that make you happy, that enable you to have a unique mix of different skills to pursue your goals.
5) Innovate your own music industry- understand value beyond just money- define value for yourself first; then pursue opportunities according to your own value system.
6) Say yes to everything at first so that you gain experience and don’t have regret – see everything you can at a young age – for anything that is a dream that feels like a reach- think creatively about what else you can offer them- predict their needs and contribute value- you will be hired.
7) Develop your own sound- split your time between effortless mastery and making weird unique Shit that is a blend of your own passions/interests/favorite bands – combine different interests that have never been combined in order to create competitive value for yourself
8) Check your baby ego bc when you leave berklee, no one cares. They just wanna know if you’ll put in hard work, not be entitled and contribute value (be it a band, a company etc)
9) Read about what is happening in music tech and the music industry at large, form your own opinions and brainstorm your own solutions with friends in your community in tech, business and arts (eg. music minds)
10) Be joyful! Stay joyful! Detach your ego from your art! Put out weird shit!! Give less fucks! Know that time and social media is fleeting, memories are short, but those who iterate consistently and build, win big!!!!
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