Industry Talks Panel: Love Energy & Daily Hacks

On Monday I was the panelist at my friend Kyle Emerson-Brown’s monthly Industry Talks, where he hosts an intimate discussion on trends in the industry today. I spoke about using love energy to guide the intention of what I do, dividing my time between creating my music and managing the business aspects of my work, and about living atomically (being so clear about the things that matter to you that it is easy to decide which commitments to take on and which to say no to.) I spoke about the value of collaboration and bringing meaningful opportunities to others. I told the audience that my purpose is to elevate and celebrate the female voice. That only 4% of all filmmakers are women. That only 3% of all music producers are women. That 10% of all songwriters are women. We must be skilled enough on the creation/engineering/production side to be able to own the narrative and tell our own stories. Years ago women were not allowed to read and write. We could not preserve our own history. It’s the same idea in arts and culture. We must be skilled and literate in creating the mediums through which we want to be able to express ourselves. That’s how we inspire and give hope and joyfulness to the younger generations. So they see themselves represented and have hope and aspirations. It gives me great joy to spend time studying music theory and learning music production because when I host sessions for other female artists and musicians, the resounding feedback I get is that our sessions have magic and high positivity they’ve never experienced before. Music is love energy. It is ego free, it is about honest and kind expression. It can be collaborative or individual. There is no right or wrong. Only honesty.

More in the video below.