Partnering with NorBlackNorWhite India to Raise Money for the Dharavi Art Room

During my tour in India during December 2017, I partnered with local female-led fashion brand NorBlackNorWhite to sell t-shirts that raise money for the Dharavi Art Room in the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. The t-shirts display the slogan “A Woman Was Harassed Here” based on the signs that artist Aqui Thami, who runs the Dharavi Art Room in Mumbai, plastered all over the streets of Mumbai several years ago to raise awareness of the fact that sexual harassment can happen any time, any place. This partnership is intended to allow for the slogan to exist in spaces where the posters cannot.

Follow the link to buy a shirt and support: or you can shop directly from my website starting March 1st, 2018 for Womxn’s Month.