Madame Gandhi live at Bonobo Mumbai

Presented by Krunk live
Featuring Naina Kay on bass, Zoya Mohan on vocals, Aarifah Rebello on drums and Dj Paper Queen!

I was incredibly touched by this message I received from a friend who saw the show:

Exactly two years ago Kiran (@madamegandhi) and I met to discuss menstrual taboos and organisations in India tackling it, being a musician while at business school (she’s an HBS grad and was playing the drums & touring with rapper MIA while there), the independent music scene in India and how to bring her music here. Two years and a fantastic album later (that reached Spotify’s viral top50), she’s finally here and just had a crazy tour around india right from NH7 in Pune to The Gig Week in Delhi.
Watching her perform is an experience like none I’ve seen. First being, MadameGandhi is a complete women-led production. I’ve been to over 25 gigs this year and this was the first time I’m seeing more than two women instrumentalists on stage.
Secondly, Kiran isn’t just a performer of music – you can see that she’s not just performing for herself but for people all around, driving difficult messages around the subtleties of gender through her music, in an almost effortless manner.
Last night was amazing. And I’m incredibly inspired and proud to say #thefutureisfemale and that #thefutureismine.
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