Neba Wonders Shoot

Shooting with my friend Neba Wonders in NYC. A note on her work and intention below.

“Fabrics touch our skin and adorn us as the beautiful layer between us and the world. I want to be someone who adds magic to this beautiful layer. I want to create pieces with purposes of joy, love, and sweetness.

I have been creating designs for myself and for my friends who inspire me for years, because I love to make them happy by giving them a piece they feel my love from.

In addition to my seasonal designs I create using my own inspirations, the next phase for me includes creating custom-made designs for people I might not know but who give this world a spark, joy and love with their presence.

I want to listen to their stories and make pieces that carry their stories within the designs I create, each one unique to their storyteller. So when they walk on this earth, focused on their light, my designs will remind them and the world that surrounds, of their stories, sweet and fierce. They will feel their protection.

When someone owns my piece, they become a part of a tribe of people who have a Neba design, being connected always. Because they chose to tell their stories and they wore their truth carried in magical fabrics and expressed it to the world, I merely listened.”