Gandhi Blues (Gizzle Remix) Release!

The Gandhi Blues, and especially Gizzle’s remix, is about balancing love and activism, while combatting so many of the stereotypical expectations that are cast upon womxn as we move through life. It is also about being honest about vulnerability, and showing that fierceness is not only in our fight for social justice but also in our ability as people to be connected to our emotions and want to be our best selves to the world and to our lover. It’s about acknowledging that it’s ok to miss your boo and that some times in trying to do everything we come out mediocre at a few things. That the balance is difficult but that it’s something we all go through and therefore must stay strong at.

I met Gizzle, (who scored my favorite commercial of all time, “Da Ding” by Nike), when she and I both played the She Shreds Showcase at SXSW 2017. She brought Gandhi Blues to another level with her verse, highlighting the pressures womxn face to have children, the heteronormativity that still confines and defines relationships, the need for us to protect our heart’s deepest emotions and how our best ally will always be our intuition in order to avoid the pressures to conform that are reaffirmed to us on the daily.

For this video, I collaborated with a female animation team in Brooklyn, NY called Mighty Oak, to help bring the emotions, feelings, and words to life. In the video you watch us go from muted tones of blues/greys to brighter tones of yellow/pink as we both step into our own light, deciding to push past the hardship and coming out as our brightest selves.

For anyone watching the video, let it be a reminder that society continues to represent us in two-dimensional ways, but that we are three-dimensional love beings, who will face uncertainty at times, but that that is normal, and that in solving these issues of love and life for ourselves, by constructing alternative arrangements of career, love, life, passion for ourselves as womxn, we make life a little easier and better for the next generation. This video is a reminder to be honest and vulnerable with your emotions, that it’s ok to have them, and that in acknowledging them, we allow ourselves to develop and improve ourselves and our situations.

We released it on International Day of the Girl/ National Coming Out Day as a gift to those seeking to be their most authentic selves, despite the every day messaging telling us to conform.

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Gandhi Blues (Gizzle Remix) by Madame Gandhi

Lyrics, melody and rhythm by Kiran Gandhi

Sound Design and production by Alexia Riner

Remix by Glenda Proby

Shot, edited and animated by Mighty Oak

Behind the scenes: