Project Pabst Festival Philly

“L.A. based Madame Gandhi also provided support to the headline artist. Kiran is an electronic music artist, percussionist, vocalist and political activist whose goal is to elevate and empower the Female voice. Madame Gandhi had a very interesting urban sound to her music and was an absolutely incredible drummer / percussionist, I truly enjoyed her set as did the crowd.” –


I loved this particular show because it was the final show of the #16days Own Your Voice Southern tour. I remember seeing a lot of men in the audience and not my usual audience and so I felt a bit intimidated at first not knowing how it was going to go over. But it was a really solid show, I was joined by babe trans femme DJ Popular Online whose energy was infectious, we drummed and DJ’d together to open up the show and got people hype, the drumming was what was most powerful for this show, and connecting to the crowd, there was a drunken group of dudes and they were all about it, it was another level of entertainment for everyone else watching us engage with each other, also I hadnt really been hit on by dudes in my show like that before and had this moment where I didn’t really know how to deal with it or own it or to ignore it or dig into it more, it was an unexpected challenge, usually the men spend a lot of time listening and analyzing during my show, it was a good challenge to feel and experience. I wore a V-files pink jacket and sweats with the Thank You LA Venice hat, Prada sneakers and pink prescription glasses by LA Eyeworks. Love to PBR for putting me on and giving me a stage, that was an incredible night despite the rain, people pulled up, it was inspiring.

I’ll also never forget the conversation I had for a while backstage with Popular about trans femininity. How so many people feel the need to project masculinity and deny their own feminine energy, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, the misogyny runs so deep, we talked about the flexibility to step into your identity on different days, whatever it is, to rep your masc side when that feels organic, or your femme side when that feels organic, but not to have to prioritize masc over femme because of societal hierarchies, fuck that, that’s what we are all here to combat

PP Philly 2017 Set Times2

Wise Guy Clothing, shot by Dante Holley