I Love Dick – Amazon Season Finale

I play drums in the season finale of I Love Dick. Devin is leading a beauty dance for the men of Marfa at the Skid. Go watch it now.

I watched each episode feeling so close to highs and lows of being a female artist that the protagonist discusses – I remember the feeling that nothing is ever good enough, that female art is ridiculous, that it is not intelligent. That our narratives don’t matter as much. I remember feeling so represented by ILD in a way I hadn’t in tv before. And working with the team was next level too – the vibe was so joyful and open and well-run, all the DPs were women, and senior leadership, they understood that if they were going to make a tv series that criticized the male gaze and our obsession with legitimizing what is male and delegitimizing what is female that as many female and trans female voices were to be part of creating the piece as possible. It was next level. And Chris free-bleeds in the season finale.