Headlining Tropicalia Washington, DC to benefit the Red Dot Campaign

I love playing in DC because the shows are always the most honest. The audience give me their trust and full attention from the beginning. I felt confident to take them to higher levels and expressed deeper layers of vulnerability. The show was so fun. I shared a new remix of Yellow Sea that was happening, spoke honestly about what I think is at stake in a Trump administration, and celebrated all the women in the audience who are elevating and celebrating the female voice in their own work.

It was a fundraiser and drive for the Red Dot campaign and we raised over 8000 menstrual care products that night alone thanks to the fans who came to the show, and to Dana Marlowe’s organization, I Support the Girls. We had Meredith Fineman in the audience, Leanne Pittsford and her partner, Pia from lesbians who tech, Anupam who was one of my good friends at Georgetown and does diversity outreach there, Johnathon Tass-Parker from Instagram who helps do social justice outreach for the tech giant, and the organizers of Georgetown’s Own It Summit. It was an amazing, packed house, and we turned up to the sound of modern gender equality.

The highlight of the show was being able to join opening act, Cody Valentine and all the kids in a live band version of Yellow Sea. The band put it together with backing vocals, horns, synth, guitar, and drum. The drummer nailed my solo amazingly. I sang lead vocals and the band brought it to life. Cody rapped some lines about letting the rays of the sun elevate you at the end. For the fans in the audience who knew the song, they were brought to tears. It was fucking awesome.

Fans went home with The future is female stickers and golden ovary tattoos they bought at the show. Please have me back again soon DC, my roots are there and I love you.


Photos by ettelyn photography