United State of Women at the White House

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This experience lead to the opening lyrics of my song, “The Future is Female.” I wrote, “I heard Amy Poehler speak at the White House, her words hit me hard like a lightbulb.” I had been nominated and selected as a changemaker to attend this prestigious summit with my sister Kanika, hosted by the Obama Administration in which I heard the greats speak. From Obama’s speech which shook the room, Oprah interviewing Michelle Obama which lead to her famous line “men, be better”, Shonda Rimes talking about how when she realized it is about giving, not receiving, her career took off, and Amy Poehler telling her audience that the media and entertainment industries must start displaying three-dimensional depictions of women, I left that day inspired and uplifted knowing that there indeed is a United State of Women, and that if we look to the female archetype for alternative forms of leadership, we may indeed one day live in a future that is female.


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