The Menstrual Revolution reaches an epic milestone

It has been a year since I ran the London Marathon bleeding freely on my period. In that year, I have met with hundreds of organizations in the menstrual equity space, learned from today’s leading scholars on gender equality and spoken to passionate crowds of people who share our vision that menstrual health should not be a burden but a normal part of every day life. Today, Newsweek has made an epic choice to publish a brilliant article on period stigma as the cover story. The article highlights the fact that the “luxury” tax on tampons and pads is a discriminatory burden, that lack of innovation keeps us stuck with products that hurt the environment and that not being able to speak comfortably about our own bodies is an issue that continues to hold women, girls and female-bodied people back today. This is an issue here and worldwide. In bringing this issue to the mainstream and being a leader in combatting stigma, Newsweek has taken a winning step forward for all of us in keeping this conversation alive, and showing the world that we are on the brink of real change.

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