Hit Like a Girl Contest 2016

Serving as a panelist at the 2016 Hit Like a Girl LA Drum Festival, and a judge for the overall 2016 contest was an absolute honor this year. I was able to meet so many up and coming drummers, and get blown away online but the hundreds of videos submitted. This year, my biggest focus was on the intersection of creativity and skill. I wanted to see contestants take risks and achieve the creative flares they sought out to play. Congrats to everyone who won this year. My main goal in the coming year though will be to get as many girls and women to enter as possible. If you are considering applying but you are intimidated – don’t be. Failing is not in not winning the contest, failing is in not submitting at all. Baby steps is what helps us advance in playing the drums, and the Hit Like a Girl Contest is here to help all girls achieve their dreams of drumming!

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