Playing with Kaki King at The Hum, Manhattan Inn

Kaki King’s latest album The Neck is a Bridge to the Body served as the soundtrack to my winter in Boston this year. We had more snow than had ever been recorded in Boston’s history, so there was not much more to do than stay inside, try to stay alive, and listen to good music.

It was one of the best emails I got then, when Racael Pazdan, of Hypnocraft, invited me to perform with Kaki at her weekly series called The Hum. The premise of The Hum is to match musicians who have never worked together before, and commission new work from their collaborative pairing, which is performed live for the first and possibly only time. Throughout the month long series musicians take the stage mixing an eclectic scope of  genres, styling, aesthetic, and beyond. The Hum’s mission is to connect a diverse community of women who are musicians through a unique performance platform, which fosters new sounds, musical partnerships, and gives visibility to women making music in New York City.

Kaki and I prepared 6 songs. My favorite was playing Oobleck, as well as when I led the audience in singing “Wazey” with me. Our set list sounded like Fall. I like when music chronicles the seasons.

NYCTaper reviewed the show here.

Here is a review of the show from Brooklyn Vegan, as well as a video that Mashable created, highlighting the series.

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Here is a link to the music from all artists who performed at the October 2015 series of The Hum!