The 2015 Femme Show

2015-10-17 The Femme Show 095

Last year when I saw the Femme Show in Boston, I felt deeply moved because I had not been in a radical environment for a while. I had just started Harvard Business School and while the more intellectual side of my brain was being nourished, I felt like the more radical and free thinking side had been left alone. I had seen an artist named Madge of Honor take toilet paper and suffocate herself live while using vocals and performance art to simulate a stifling relationship. It was so profound; it made me want to comment on societal norms that I find problematic by using my own performance art.

One year later, I had the privilege of performing at this year’s Femme Show in Boston. Below is the final piece in which I talk about how important it is for young women to own their own voice. Joining me on the stage was Aparna Das, Pampi, who is another well known performance artist in Boston who explores themes of androgyny and queerness.